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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Expanding Directions

Working on Expanding
My Magical Surrealism
I have found a new muse to include in my work, the beautiful creation of Nebulas.
Planetary Nebula is defined as an expanding shell of thin ionized gas that is
ejected from the surrounds of a hot, dying star of about the same mass as the sun;
the gas absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the central star and remits it as visible
light by the process of fluorescence. Origin: 1850-55: so named for its resemblance
to the planets Uranus and Neptune. (http://www.dictionary.com)
The "Hubble Space Telescope" has given us these inspiring images. Join me as
I explore the vast beauty of space.

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  1. amazing post I have ever seen .thanks and I want to see frequently such kind of post


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